Setting the standard in recruitment

As an REC member you are part of the team that's transforming our industry. You have demonstrated a commitment to driving up standards and professionalising recruitment.

As an REC member you are part of the team that’s transforming our industry. You have demonstrated a commitment to driving up standards and professionalising recruitment.

You are also a member of a group that has proved they have what it takes to use the REC badge. The REC is the only professional body in the UK to require the businesses it represents to take a test as a prerequisite for membership, to investigate complaints from candidates and clients, and to expel the non-compliant.

We ask our members to retake the compliance test every two years to prove that they are maintaining the high standards we set. Our next two year cycle is already underway and you can book on our Compliance Workshops here.

We take this extremely seriously. Since January 2015, we have refused entry to 81 agencies because they failed to demonstrate that they were fully compliant with our Code of Professional Practice. We removed 78 agencies from membership in January 2017 because they failed to pass our online compliance test.

That’s 153 organisations that the REC has denied membership to in the last two years.

We are prepared to refuse membership to agencies even though this means a significant financial loss for the REC, because it means we have confidence in the agencies we represent.

It also means that the REC badge is becoming more valuable to you, our members, at a time when the market is facing fresh challenges.

Helping you prepare for the future

We know that recruitment is continuing to grow. We predict between 2.9 to 6.9 per cent growth this year. But with that growth comes new risks.

In a competitive marketplace, defining your USP is even more important. Finding talented staff to help you meet demand also becomes more difficult. The REC logo shows clients and candidates that your company can be trusted because you have been independently quality-assured.

We know that the government is making life more complicated with policies such as the apprenticeship levy and IR35 changes. REC membership gives you the tools to adapt.

Continuing economic and political uncertainty means that clients will become more circumspect and careful when hiring. Meanwhile candidate availability continues to fall, making our job harder. The REC has created resources to ensure you are in a position to thrive.

The Good Recruitment Campaign is taking the REC’s message about compliance and professionalism direct to your clients.

It’s time to up our game

Another good example of our work to facilitate best practice is our Scale Up campaign. It’s specifically designed to provide recruitment leaders with practical advice, support and guidance on how to scale up their recruitment business.

My series of ‘In the round’ sessions will focus on how you can up your game.

The REC is currently working on new research into how recruiters can differentiate themselves with excellent customer service. In April, we will host a Scale Up Live event to bring this issue to life.

Greg Savage joins us in October for the Scale Up Masterclasses – essential information for recruiters who are serious about beating the market.

And our ongoing Scale Up podcast series continues to deliver expert advice from the UK’s industry leaders.

REC members are making sure they stay ahead of the pack. REC membership is helping recruiters to become more professional in all aspects of business, and this has a knock on effect on how our industry is seen by clients and by government.

It’s more important than ever that we demonstrate the value of recruitment. What we do is important and it makes a difference. We are the engine that drives the jobs market, and we transform people’s lives every day.

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Kevin Green - Chief Executive@kevingreenrec

Kevin Green has been the Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation since June 2008. The REC is the professional body for the UK’s 28.7 billion private recruitment industry.

Since arriving at the REC, Kevin has improved its offering to members; this has included the introduction of account management, the established Institute of Recruitment Professionals. Kevin is also VP of Ciett the Global representative body for the recruitment industry. He chairs the national federations committee.

Before starting at the REC, Kevin worked for the Royal Mail from 2003 to 2008. His last role was HR Director for Royal Mail Letters.