Worldwide Web Facilities

Our established and sophisticated online platform grants you the flexibility to confidently work wherever and whenever you want.

Help setting up and successfully running your recruitment agency

Quite simply, New Millennia have created one of the most sophisticated digital interfaces currently in use within the recruitment industry. When you’re setting up a recruitment agency we’re here to ensure you have the ease and convenience of a compliant operating platform, where you, your clients and your workers can all access their individual online portals.

Some of the many features the online platform has to offer

Online timesheets Digital signatures Proactive AWR timing/ admin system (12 weeks, equal pay etc.)
Online Portals Digital contracts

Essential Payment Services

We cover payment methods such as PAYE, LTD and CIS

Processing a variety of payment methods such as PAYE, LTD and CIS allows for consistency and freedom.

Our services include:

We process the timesheet We pay the worker by faster payment We handle enquiries from workers
We produce and post out or publish the payslip We issue P45's for leavers We handle enquiries from the Inland Revenue and the D.W.P.


We can equip you with the funding and payroll services to enable you to set up and successfully manage your recruitment agency.

We understand that cash flow problems can easily arise for recruitment startup firms as there’s often the need to pay temporary workers prior to being paid by clients. Some agencies are self-funding (e.g. via a bank overdraft) but this type of facility is not normally available to those just setting up a recruitment agency, and even then this facility would be limited to a level supported by the fixed assets of the business.

An alternative source of recruitment finance is through the process known as factoring. This involves the employment agency calculating and raising invoices to clients in the normal way whilst notifying the factor of the debt. The factor would then lend an agreed percentage of outstanding invoices, charging a fee to arrange the facility (normally a percentage of turnovers) and an additional interest charge for any funds drawn down by the agency. Rates charged vary, as does the level of finance available.

When you’re starting a recruitment agency factoring can provide a solution to cash flow problems but is unfortunately a confusing system that often bamboozles many agencies, taking up much of your precious time and resource.


Establishing your recruitment finance and ensuring your funding and payroll services are taken care of allows you to concentrate on setting up a recruitment agency that can grow and develop quickly and efficiently, in line with your business goals and objectives. Customer service, new clients and your workers need to be your priority particularly in start up recruitment agencies. We’ll do the boring work, the essential behind the scenes stuff, that allows the day-to-day function of your business to work seamlessly. We are the only genuine 100% funding and back office facility available in the market today.


Recruitment Agencies

We provide innovative payroll and funding services for every one of our clients whether large, small, new or old.

Since 2000 New Millennia have been providing integrated funding and payroll services for start up recruitment agencies. We are proud to be REC official business partners, upholding the values of a highly respected professional body with recognised industry standards. We’re the UK’s only true, fully insured, non-recourse, non-retention, 100% funding facility operating successfully in the market today. We now work with hundreds of recruitment startup agencies and more established SMEs throughout the country. Our manifesto is clear; we have a commitment to every one of the recruitment agencies we work with and treat them equally, as partners. Whether you need a fresh approach to help your firm streamline and improve the service you offer, or you’re setting up a recruitment agency for the first time, we act honestly, ethically and with integrity to help you achieve your goals. On a day-to-day basis, this translates into providing no-risk innovative payroll and factoring services for every one of our clients large and small, start up recruitment firms or well-established businesses.

New Millennia Offer:

100% of agency profits paid immediately Funding for the whole employer/candidate transaction including invoicing and paying wages weekly Processing of all credit checks and handling credit control, no minimum turnover needed
All back office functions, leaving the agency free to focus on winning new business