5 Approaches To Try When Reviewing Your Business Processes

11 Jun 2021

Recruitment Advice

Taking a look at your business processes can really help to take your recruitment agency to the next level.

Often when starting your own business you fall into patterns of working and you stick with them as they’re familiar and they’ve led to your success.

However is there a different way you could work that would improve things for clients and candidates now you’re a little more established?

Below we’ve explored a number of different approaches you can consider when it comes to reviewing your business processes:

1) Watch the Competition

There is a lot we can learn from our competition when it comes to the way we do business.

Though naturally you’ll think your recruitment agency is the best in the business, there will be ways others work that are more efficient.

Take a close look at their website for any clues you can find, or speak to clients and candidates about ways they’ve worked with other agencies in the past that have been positive.

2) Collect Feedback

One way you can start thinking about improving your processes is by asking clients and candidates how they feel about the way you work right now.

Consider a survey at the end of the recruitment process so you can get an understanding of what you’re doing well and any points of frustration.

3) Get an Outside Perspective

Employing the services of a consultant or choosing a mentor could prove to be valuable.

They’ll be able to give you an unbiased view on your processes and provide suggestions on the way things could be improved.

Ask for recommendations from people you trust in the industry to ensure you get an individual who is the right fit for you.

4) Assign a Value

For each process that you carry out within your business, assign a value so you can understand how much it impacts on the bottom line.

By doing this you’re better informed about what processes really need to be focussed on to help your recruitment agency grow.

5) Look at Outsourcing Options

One way to think about improving your business processes is by considering different ways you could outsource services within your company.

By exploring the different options available you might open up new and improved ways of working that you didn’t even know where available.

Here at New Millennia we offer recruitment agencies the ability to outsource their back office functions.

This means we’ll take on the burden of your back office administration duties, leaving you with more time to win new business!

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