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Recruitment back office solutions

Streamline your back office system with the help of New Millennia. With over 19 years of experience and expertise, our recruitment back office support services will ease the burden of your back office administration duties so that you can concentrate on the important things and offer the best service possible to your own clients.

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What are back office solutions?

Back office solutions can involve support with payroll management and processing, invoicing software and workforce management.

Back office solutions refer to services and software that are put in place to support a businesses back office set up, streamlining various administrative tasks that a recruitment agency or similar business might need support with so that they can focus on providing excellent service to their clients instead. 

All of these can be incorporated into your back office with New Millennia. We offer a bespoke service to ensure that your recruitment back office receives exactly what it needs to achieve efficiency and management optimisation; fully comprehensive back office solutions are what we do.


Our years of experience with start-ups & SME recruitment businesses have helped us understand that invoices for recruitment services need to be sent efficiently and accurately. Reduce the margin for error with invoices sent to your clients by outsourcing your invoicing with New Millennia.

Balancing cash flow can be fairly complicated in the beginning, we understand that this can be time and effort consuming for startups, your temps need to be paid but your invoices haven’t necessarily been paid yet, New Millennia provide 100% funding, giving you peace of mind and a smoothly run back office.

Our Invoicing software provides your startup with the security of knowing your invoices are being managed, sent and received with a high level of professionalism across the board.

Discover the speed and simplicity that recruitment invoicing software can bring to your back office.


If you get your payroll management right, you keep your clients and your temp workers happy. We’re here to ensure that you can do just that, providing time efficient and effective payroll services.

Our back office solution software is tried and tested and has proved its worth with startups and SMEs over a number of years. At New Millennia, we process timesheets, process payroll, issue P45’s and assist with handling worker enquiries. Our bespoke payroll services can accommodate the specific needs of your business, giving you stability and helping you to grow and nurture strong relationships with your clients.

Credit Control

Credit control is critical for the success of any businesses and reduces the wait for payments and improves your businesses cash flow.

Credit control involves activities such as credit checks, payment reminders and debt collection from customers and clients. Our expert credit controllers will connect with your customers to ensure timely payments. 

Recruitment agencies can greatly benefit from outsourcing credit control, by entrusting external experts, you are able to completely focus on your core operations without compromising your financial stability. At New Millennia, we have specialised knowledge in credit control and we provide access to technology and streamlined processes that can improve the efficiency and overall financial performance of your recruitment agency.

How can New Millennia help with your back office solutions?

At New Millennia, we have worked in the recruitment industry for over 19 years and we know everything you need to build a successful recruitment agency. We understand the importance of back office processes for your business and our recruitment back office solutions will streamline your systems to provide enhanced operational efficiency and optimal outcomes. 

Our comprehensive suite of back office services include a range of critical functions including payroll management, invoicing and credit control. By leveraging our expertise and advanced tools, we ensure a seamless integration and automation of back office processes. We will focus our solutions to the needs of your recruitment agency and enable you to scale your business and improve productivity. 

Outsourcing payroll, invoicing and credit control with New Millennia can save you time and money and coupled with our expertise, can help to build a successful recruitment agency. We offer simple back office solutions all under one roof allowing you to focus on your clients.


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