5 Benefits of Video Conferencing for Recruitment Start-ups

24 Jul 2020

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If you’re trying to establish your own recruitment agency during the pandemic and wondering how you’re going to make it all work, then we just want to say we’re here, and you’ve got this.

Being unable to meet with clients and candidates face to face might seem like a serious hindrance to your business. However have you considered the many benefits video conferencing can offer your start-up recruitment agency?

To help you stay positive during this time, we’ve taken a look at just a few of the benefits below:

1) Keeps costs low

When you’re first starting out, keeping your operating costs low is so important. Of course this normally means things like rent and equipment, however travel to meetings can also have a big impact on your profits. Video calling removes that cost, while still enabling you to meet with prospective new clients and candidates.

2) Makes you more efficient

You’re likely feeling pulled in a million different directions, particularly if it’s your first time operating your own business. Holding video meetings makes you more efficient, allowing you to schedule time without having to factor in travel.

3) Offers flexibility

So many candidates are probably at home right now, some juggling childcare and work. Being able to pre-screen candidates via video call allows them to be able to fit it around their life, offering flexibility that can go a long way to engaging a candidate.

4) It offers more than a phone call

It’s so much more engaging when you can see the other caller face to face. This has huge benefits for your client relationships. Being able to connect with you visually, and “put a face to the name” will make you more memorable if you’re up against other agencies.

5) It can connect you with your suppliers

Video conferencing doesn’t just offer benefits for your relationship with clients and candidates, it can also help you connect with your suppliers. Whether it’s your accountant, marketing agency or the company handling your back office functions, it makes a difference. You can start to build that relationship, despite potentially being unable to meet, to ensure you’re getting what you need as your business grows.

We understand that this is a challenging time for the recruitment industry, particularly for start-ups. Here at New Millennia we’re here to help. Explore our range of services for start-up recruitment agencies, or call us on 0161 337 9882.

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