5 Services Every Scaling Recruitment Agency Could Outsource

05 Oct 2021

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As you feel your recruitment agency starting to grow, you’ll find yourself with less and less time!

This is an exciting moment as an entrepreneur, but it’s also a little daunting as you consider how you’re going to get everything done.

Below we’ve summarised five different services you could consider outsourcing as your recruitment agency expands:

1. Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance is probably the first place people look when they’re considering outsourcing services.

As a recruitment agency owner it might not be your area of expertise. Though as you’ve grown you’ve still managed to get your tax returns in on time!

Employing the services of an accounting company means all the hassle of meeting tax return deadlines and any penalties incurred is avoided.

Specialist accounting professionals can also help you make the most of any allowances so you don’t overpay.

Here at New Millennia we offer a specialist accountancy service for recruitment agencies, click here to find out more.

2. Marketing

Ironically when an agency is in a period of growth, we can often forget to focus on our marketing efforts.

We simply need to satisfy the needs of our clients and candidates, but that can mean we’re forgetting about the importance of our company brand.

Outsourcing marketing services, whether it be social media, website content or PR, can mean that someone else is helping to keep your business front of mind.

You might choose to employ of number of specialist individuals or outsource all functions to a marketing agency.

3. IT

You may have coped well in-house so far, managing the various systems that you need to run your agency.

However as you grow you might find the services of a IT company beneficial.

They can manage your website, ensure you have the right security protections and help you establish a robust CRM.

There are a number out there that specialise in smaller or startup companies. Be sure to shop around to find the one that’s right for you.

4. Research

If you find you’re spending a lot of your time on research then let someone else do that for you.

Outsourcing your market research might seem like an unnecessary expense. Of course you want to keep costs low at the outset.

Yet as you’re beginning to grow, a specialist company might be able to identify opportunities and gaps that you simply don’t have the time to uncover.

Once you have a few of your responsibilities outsourced, you’re able to focus in and take advantage of them!

5. Back Office Support

Running an agency, particularly one that involves temporary recruitment, means you have a lot of back office admin to take care of!

Whether it’s payroll management or invoicing, you have a big responsibility to clients and candidates.

Getting too busy to pay a candidate on time for example, can have a real impact on your reputation in the industry.

Trust New Millennia to handle your back office functions.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise, our recruitment support services will ease the burden of your back office administration duties.

You can then concentrate on the important things and offer the best service possible to all your existing and brand new clients!

To find out more click here.

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