5 Things Candidates Want to Know About Your Client

04 Jan 2022

Recruitment Advice

As a recruiter you know exactly the information you need from your client to start searching for the right people.

But what does your candidate want to know? Not just about the role itself but about the wider business?

In our article below we’ve identified a number of things that candidates want to know about your client.

What’s on offer?

Of course any candidate will want to know exactly what’s on the table!

Is there flexibility around the salary? What other benefits are available? What career progression is there for the right person and over what timescale?

Not just that, but what is the back story to this position? Is it newly created or a replacement?

What is their policy on flexible working?

There is absolutely no doubt that the working world has changed considerably since 2020!

Flexible working and the opportunity to work from home are now key considerations for many candidates.

In fact, research showed that, following the pandemic, half of employees said they would quit if they were not able to continue working flexibly.

What is the culture like within the business?

When you start working with your client, you immediately start to get a feel for how they like to work and an idea of how the company operates.

Company culture is becoming increasingly important as businesses scramble to attract the top talent.

Finding out the background of relevant professionals within the company will help you understand any patterns in the type of people that they hire, too.

What are the expectations for the individual in this role?

Candidates can learn a lot about a role, and whether or not they’re truly interested, by understanding exactly what the expectations are from the business.

What would they like to see achieved within months of employment from this individual and what will their long term targets be?

This can help candidates identify any red flags that might make them unsuitable for the role, or make them even more excited about the opportunity.

What are they not looking for?

Being honest and open is a skill that candidates are always looking for in their recruiter, but you know that!

Explaining to the candidate what the client definitely isn’t looking for, helps you build trust and shows that you deeply understand the position you’re hiring for.

It also helps the candidate assess whether they have the right experience, and identify areas they might need training for in the future.

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