5 Valuable Online Tools for Your Recruitment Start-Up

24 Jun 2020

Recruitment Advice

There are so many different online tools targeted at the recruitment industry. Developers know that it’s fast-moving and that recruiters are under constant pressure, so they’re always looking for ways to streamline the process.

When you’re starting your own agency, the amount of options can be overwhelming, plus you want to keep costs low as you establish your business.

We’re not saying rush out and buy every product on this list, we just wanted to highlight a few tools that we feel could really add value to your recruitment business:


If you’re advertising a role that’s likely to attract a high volume of candidates, keeping up with simple questions and queries can be time-consuming, particularly if you’re just starting out. ChatBot is an intelligent virtual assistant that can handle those queries for you.

For example multiple candidates may ask, “Is this role based in London?”

Using answers pre-set by you, the ChatBot will respond to the candidate on your behalf. This clever tool can be added to your website as well as your social media channels. It’ll save you time, and deliver a fast and professional response to candidates.

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Chances are you’ve written a job advert or two in your time! However did you know that certain phrases you use can create bias and make individuals feel excluded from applying for your role?

With Textio you can see the impact the language will have in real-time as you write your job ad. It will highlight any problematic phrases and give suggestions as to how it can be improved. It might seem like something small in the wider scheme of your business, however it can help you get a broader mix of candidates in your talent pool and be an additional selling point when approaching clients.

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Google Trends

One free online tool that can be really useful when starting out is Google Trends. If you’re not familiar with the software it effective allows you to access old Google data, so you can learn more about how people search for jobs.

You can see popular job searches and the different terms used, as well as the time of year when the desire for that role is at its highest. You can also see how searches for certain job roles have changed over time, which can be valuable in helping you identify gaps in the market.

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Sortd is a clever online software that effectively manages your inbox. It might seem simple but how much time do we waste each day answering emails, or searching for that elusive thread that we were sure we filed away?

Sortd helps you manage your workload by pulling your emails on to different boards, so you know exactly the stage of each conversation.

What’s even better is that they have a version of the tool just for recruiters, so it can help you easily pull up candidate information and follow each individual through the pipeline.

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Of course in the new socially distant world you’re going to be doing a lot more video conferencing than you expected, however you don’t need to rely on just a standard video calling software.

VidCruiter has been created for online video interviews. It’s a clever software that helps you not only streamline the process, but also make it more professional, too.

You can pre-screen your candidates by chatting to them live or inviting them to a pre-recorded interview, with questions set by you. 

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