5 Ways to Kick Start Your Business Development

09 Jan 2021

Recruitment Advice

We’ve arrived in a new year, and though there are many challenges to face, it’s still a time to really focus on your business development.

However finding the motivation after such a hard year can be challenging.

Below we’ve put together five techniques you could implement to get business booming in 2021:

1. Raise Your Profile

This is the year to start shouting about your success! After all if you don’t do it, who will?

Try and become more active on LinkedIn and other social media sites relevant to your business. Post interesting content and join the conversation. LinkedIn rewards active users, who comment and share the content of others, plus who knows who you might end up chatting with!

Attend networking events (these are going to still be virtual for a while) or volunteer to be a speaker as a chance to promote your business while sharing your knowledge. Can’t find an event you’re interested in? Why not host your own?

2. Nurture Your Relationships

All the research shows that a repeat customer will spend more than a new customer! Reach out to your network and see how you can help. 

Try and arrange short catch up meetings, or ask about their interest in any white papers that you could produce such as industry statistics or salary surveys.

With so many people working from home in isolation, you might be surprised by how many more people will welcome a quick chat on the phone!

3. Develop Your Website

You can always do more with your website. Last year saw people spending more time online than ever before — that’s both clients and candidates!

User experience is so important. Think about how a user will move around your website and how easy they’ll be able to get the information they need. Investing in a new website might seem like a big investment right now, but it might just be worth it.

Maintaining an active blog can be a great way to improve the visibility of your website. Answering the questions that people in your industry might want to know, or sharing useful advice about candidate attraction or retention can help your website move up the rankings.

4. Consider New Markets

Here at New Millennia we always advise startup recruitment agencies to stick to what they know when they’re first starting out. What we mean by that is that starting a business is tough enough without having to learn about a whole new sector.

However if you’re an established agency then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start exploring new sectors. Consider if there’s someone you could partner with, or an experienced recruiter you could employ, that could open up a whole new raft of business for your agency.

5. Set Goals

Setting real and tangible goals for your recruitment agency is essential to your business development. You likely have an amount in mind that you’re hoping to earn. However how are you going to get there? Have you set smaller goals to help you reach your big one?

By doing this you’ll really help keep yourself on track, despite all the craziness that might be going on in the world at the time. Plus a goal helps turn a thought into an action, so go for it!

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