Adjusting to a Long Term Remote Working Culture

30 Aug 2020

Recruitment Advice

There is no doubt that the working world has changed, and now it’s a case of adjusting the way you work. If working remotely is becoming more of a long term plan than your agency had initially thought, then there might be a few changes you need to make.

Below we’ve taken a look at a number of different ways you can keep your business moving as usual:

Get the right technology

With long-term remote working now a reality, you want to make sure you have the right technology in place. Not just for your clients and candidates to communicate with you, but also to plan your workload.

Workload planning tools, such as Microsoft Teams, can be highly valuable and help everyone demonstrate what they’re working on. This takes off a little of the pressure you might be feeling having to prove to everyone that though you’re at home, you’re still working!

Create a long-term workspace

For the past few weeks you might have been hopping from your dining table to your living room, to the makeshift desk you’ve created in the corner. If you have the space, it might be time to create a long-term workspace in your home, to help you keep a little separation between home and work.

Some shared workspaces are able to offer social distancing, so if you’re struggling at home then it could be worth taking a look in your area.

Make time to connect

Working from home can be isolating and many will feel the lack of connection. Make time to connect with your colleagues by calling to discuss candidates or roles, rather than dealing with everything over email. Video meetings have probably become part of your daily life, so make sure they continue for that much-needed face-to-face contact.

If you run your own recruitment agency and work alone, try and connect with others in a similar position so you don’t feel as isolated.

Set boundaries

You might not be missing the commute, however you might be missing the feeling of leaving work and how much easier it used to be to switch off. When you’re working from home there are few boundaries between your home and work life, so if it’s now a long term plan then you must create them yourself.

Recruitment has never been a 9-5 job, so working fixed hours is tricky, but try to restrict yourself as much as possible. Stop checking your email after a certain time, or switch off notifications so you give yourself time to refuel.

Be kind to yourself

We’ve heard a lot about these being ‘unprecedented times’, however it’s certainly true. Adjusting to a completely new way of working, and trying to service both your clients and candidates, can be a juggle, so be kind to yourself.

Here at New Millennia we’re proud to be a part of the recruitment industry and we’re here to help in any way we can during these difficult times. Get in touch.

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