Advantages of Outsourcing Your Back Office Functions

13 Sep 2021

Recruitment Advice

Whether you’re a start-up or an established SME agency looking to grow, effective back office operations are fundamental to your relationship with your clients and candidates.

However, employing staff to cover the range of different tasks, particularly if you place temporary candidates, can be expensive. Alternatively, if you decide to handle the functions yourself it can be extremely time-consuming.

The solution could be to outsource your back office functions. Below we’ve taken a look at a number of different advantages:

You save time

Handing your back office functions to a company you trust, will save you serious time. Handling worker queries or dealing with timesheets can really add to your workload and take time away from winning new business.

You save money

You might have decided against outsourcing your back office functions to keep costs low, but it’ll likely cost less than you think. Employing a team with the varied skillset that you’d require would almost certainly be a bigger cost.

Reduce risk

Employing a back office support team means you have the responsibility of paying their salary each month, as well as all the other responsibilities that come with employing staff. With outsourcing you essentially take away that risk.

You have an experienced team on hand

When you outsource, you effectively have an experienced team on hand whenever you need them. You can just pick up the phone and get quick answers, and your candidates are safe in the knowledge they’ll get paid accurately and on time. It’ll portray a much more professional image for your business, helping you set yourself apart from others in the market.

Reduces the chance of errors

If you’ve decided to set up your own recruitment agency it’s understandable that initially you’d be looking to keep costs low by handling your own back office functions. However with so many different responsibilities to juggle, the chance of an error occurring is increased, impacting your relationship with the client and the candidate. By outsourcing you’re reducing the chance of an error occurring.

Improves client and candidate relationships

If you’re placing temporary candidates, then getting people paid on time and accurately is not only essential for the candidate, but also for your client. If the client recognises you as a detailed-focussed company, they’ll be keen to use you again, as it effectively means less hassle for them!

Focus on what you do best

The biggest benefit of outsourcing your back office functions is that it gives you the time and space to focus on what you do best – placing candidates! You know that each successful placement is another step in the right direction for your business. It gives you more money to invest, helping you to grow day by day. Plus you’ll have a great reputation that will really pay off when it comes to picking up new contracts.

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