An End-of-Year Checklist for your Recruitment Agency

23 Nov 2021

Recruitment Advice

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to start focussing on what you’re going to achieve in 2022.

However before you start thinking about kicking back and tucking into some mince pies, there are a few things you need to do!

See below our handy end of your year checklist for your recruitment agency:

Review Your Finances

There are of course financial reports you need to prepare at the end of the year, to see how all the hard you’ve done has paid off!

Run a detailed Cash Flow report and a Profit and Loss statement as well as other financial reports to give you a clear view of your income and outgoings.

It might also be the right time to review your outgoings,  to see if there is any opportunity to reduce your overheads.

Employing the services of an accountant that specialises in the recruitment industry could be beneficial — find out more about the service here.

Reflect On Your Goals

Take a look at the goals you set at the start of 2021, how have you performed?

Reflecting on your goals can really help you record achievements that can get lost in the chaos of running a business.

Don’t be disheartened if you haven’t quite hit where you wanted to be, it has been another difficult year for our industry. Instead use the energy to set challenges for 2022 and plan how you’re going to smash those targets.

Refine Your Plan for 2022

2022 is going to be your year!

Ensure your business plan is in place, including all your goals and targets.

Include an overview of the marketing efforts you have planned for the coming year, so you’re starting off on the right foot.

Update Your Systems

Your data is a valuable part of your business, however when it gets busy it can sometimes get a little neglected, and therefore out of date.

Make time before the end of the year to review all your systems and ensure that everything is up to date.

Reaching out to potential candidates to check the status of their job search can be useful, so you’re working with the latest information as the new year begins.

Take a Break!

Most importantly of all, it’s time to plan a break whether that’s over Christmas or in the New Year.

2021 has been a difficult year in our industry, and for the world as a whole!

Take time for yourself so you’re recharged for a productive and successful 2022.


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