Choosing a Name for Your Startup Recruitment Agency

20 Jul 2021

Recruitment Advice

So you’re going for it, you’re starting your own recruitment agency!

There are so many important decisions to make, however surely the most important decision is what to call your brand new recruitment agency.

To help you decide we’ve made a few suggestions below:

Make it Original

Of course you need to make your name original, so when you have a shortlist of ideas you need to see if anyone else has had the same great idea!

Doing a quick Google search and checking Companies House will let you know if you have any competition.

Don’t Make it Difficult to Spell or Say

Using a clever play on words or an overly complex phrase might seem like a really fun idea, however it could have a detrimental impact on your business.

Not only will it be difficult for clients to remember, but you need to think about SEO and how easy it will be for clients to find you online.

Read your name aloud too, it might look great when it’s down on paper but if it needs to sound great when you answer the phone too!

Avoid Including Your Specialism

Including your specialism in your recruitment agency name might have been your starting point for generating ideas.

However what if you decide to add another specialism later down the line? It’ll be hard to convince clients you specialise in HR if you’ve called yourself John’s Marketing Agency!

Give it Meaning

Whether it’s your initials, a phrase that resonates in the market or a dynamic business term you’ve always loved, it should hold some meaning.

If you choose something intriguing you can guarantee people will ask how you came up the name, so you need to have a good reason why!

Picking something random might seem like a great crazy idea, but the lack of meaning might mean it doesn’t quite stick and you quickly get bored of it.

Consider Quirky Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to stand out in the market then choosing a quirky name could be a place to start.

However you need to find a balance between quirky and professional!

Try testing out your name on other professionals you trust to get their first impressions before you take the plunge.

Use Online Tools

Amazingly you’re not the only person struggling to name their brand new business!

Which is why there are a number of different online tools you can use to help you including Name Mesh, which will generate name ideas from different terms you enter.

Keep it Simple

The final piece of advice is, you need to keep it simple!

Think of the businesses with the best names out there, they’re probably all super simple, and therefore easy to remember.

Good luck!

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