Content Marketing Ideas for Your Recruitment Agency

11 May 2021

Recruitment Advice

Content marketing can be a great way to draw attention to your brand new recruitment agency.

In fact, agencies of any size and age can benefit from investing in their content marketing strategy.

Take a look at the research, and you’ll see that consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a company that educates them with content.

Below we’ve explored some content marketing ideas for recruitment agencies, to help your business grow:

Blogs and News

Adding a blog or news section to your recruitment website is essential to help it rank effectively.

It’s an opportunity to include relevant keyphrases and join the conversation around current industry opportunities and challenges.

However it’s also a real opportunity to demonstrate all the knowledge you’ve gained in your recruitment career.

If you can write with clear insight and offer a unique perspective you’re starting the process of building trust with new clients and candidates that visit your site.


Creating a company brochure might seem like something only a large recruitment agency might do.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Laying out your areas of specialism, plus all your skills and experience in a professional and creative format, can really help take your agency to the next level.

It tells new clients and candidates what they can expect from your agency, and demonstrates a level of professionalism that might just set you apart from other small agencies.

It doesn’t need to be a physical brochure either, there are many free tools online that can help you create a digital brochure.

CV and Interview Guidance

If you don’t already have CV and interview guidance documents that you share with your candidates, then you need to create some!

They can be great for sharing across your social platforms, and also for adding value to the candidate’s journey with your agency.

Remember to showcase your specialist knowledge:

Anyone can create a PDF or blog post of general hints and tips, however only you can create interview and CV guidance specific to your industry.

Express what is unique to your sector, how an interview may differ and the level of competition candidates can expect.

Salary Surveys

When you’re looking for content marketing ideas for recruitment agencies, a salary survey can be a great way to build your client base.

Not only do they include valuable data that companies want to know, but they’re also an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, salary surveys are effectively an overview of what companies can expect to pay for different positions in the industry.

They also typically contain an overview of any skills shortages in the sector and trends that might impact on hiring.

Creating a salary survey is time-consuming, so it makes sense to ensure it’s gated content, meaning you can ask for a client’s details in exchange for the document.

White Papers

A white paper is a report on a specific topic, containing detailed and well-researched information.

In the recruitment industry, this might be on a specific new hiring trend, or a wider issue such as the challenge of building a diverse workforce.

White papers are another way to show clients and candidates that you fully understand challenges and opportunities within the sector.

Don’t be afraid to pick a niche topic.

Avoiding a general topic and choosing something very specific to your industry will make your white paper stand out in a crowded market place.

Remember to not just publish your white paper and hope that clients and candidates stumble across it.

Build a targeted marketing strategy to promote your report so it can be seen by the most relevant and valuable audience.


Infographics can be highly shareable if they include information that your target client base is interested in.

You might choose to focus on salaries within the sector or the growth or decline of certain areas.

The benefit of infographics for your business is that you can get really creative, meaning they can attract attention when shared on social channels.

Employing the skills of a graphic designer can be beneficial, as they can help you bring your content to life.

However there are a number of great free online tools, including Canva, that enable you to create a great looking infographic.

Video Content

Video is so powerful both for your website and your brand as a whole.

Web pages with videos are 53 times more likely to rank on Google.

Think about how you could promote your expertise and what types of things people in your sector might be interested in watching.

For example if you work mostly with graduates, then super short and fun social videos might be a great way to find your audience.

Working with those at executive level you might choose to record interviews with relevant industry professionals or share your insights on a given topic.

It can be a scary concept if you’ve just started their own recruitment agency, or if you hate being in front of the camera! 

However it’s a valuable way to get people talking about, and interacting with, your business.

Plus depending on the level of production you want, it can be a relatively cheap and easy form of content marketing.


Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, and can be a great place to start if you’re looking for content marketing ideas for recruitment agencies.

Imagine you recruit professionals in the healthcare sector.

Recording a podcast that talks about challenges in hiring, shares people’s career experiences or simply promotes current opportunities, could really help you reach the right audience.

It might seem like a huge and time-consuming step, however there are a number of online platforms that guide you through the whole process.

Explore what podcasts currently exist that are relevant to your sector, to gain an insight into what your audience is interested in.

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