Creating a Positive and Productive Workplace

31 Aug 2021

Recruitment Advice

Since people started returning to the office it has presented many challenges to both employers and employees as everyone readjusts to life in the workplace.

You might be facing similar challenges yourself.

Take a look below at a few strategies that you can implement to help keep positivity and productivity high!

Keep Talking

Arrange with your team to have regular check-ins, so you can understand how they’re feeling about the workplace. Keep the lines of conversation open enough that they feel comfortable sharing any concerns or challenges.

Be Open to Feedback

Some of your employees’ feedback might be quite difficult to hear as it could seem like it’s targeted at you as the company owner. Try not to take it personally by taking an objective look at their thoughts and plan how to take action to find a solution.

Look at Your Office Space

Take a look at the layout you have currently, does it work for everyone, is there a better way you could do things to create a more inclusive environment? Seeking feedback can be useful to help you create a layout that works for everyone, and provides a more comfortable workspace.

Review their Workspace

As well as looking at the office as a whole take a look at each person’s individual workspace. Does it give them what they need to do their job effectively? Having a little freshen up can really boost productivity and give people a new outlook on work.

Create Opportunities for Learning

If you have recruiters that have been with you for a while, when is the last time that you really reviewed any training or development needs they had? Or reviewed your own needs? Creating opportunities for learning can really help to foster a positive work environment.

Encourage Collaboration

If you and members of your team have been working at home in isolation during the pandemic then collaboration might have been difficult. Despite the best workload planning tools, you can’t beat face to face interaction. Look for ways individuals can work together to improve your processes.

Set Clear Company Goals

If you want people to be productive then they need to be clear about exactly what they’re working towards! Decide on your goals then ensure they’re communicated to people in your recruitment agency at all levels.

Have Fun!

Finding time for fun in the workplace is so important, as it gives people a chance to have a release from the stresses of the job. Recruitment is an exciting industry, but it can be challenging and frustrating, too. Create time for people to unwind, or organise events that allow people to drop their professional guard for a little while and you might notice a boost in their productivity.

Offer Rewards

If you want to boost productivity then why not create an incentive scheme? It could be something financial or an extra day of holiday if certain targets are met. To encourage collaboration, pair people together and let them encourage each other! Reward those too that embody the company values you’re trying to promote and you’ll find it’s infectious.

Employ a Consultant

If you’re struggling with a negative culture in your workplace then bringing in an external consultant could be beneficial. They can take a fresh look and unbiased view that might help develop your agency and you as an individual.

Be Open and Honest

There is nothing that kills positivity in your workplace faster than individuals feeling like information is being hidden from them. If your business has been going through tough times then your employees could be feeling unsettled. Be transparent about the position of the company and keep people updated on a regular basis.

Develop a Healthy Working Day

Be careful not to reward the employees who work through lunch and stay late, without looking closely at why this is happening. Encouraging employees to take a break through lunch can be beneficial to productivity and demonstrates that you respect their time and contribution.

Speak to that Disengaged Employee

It can be tempting to implement company wide initiatives to deal with the poor productivity of one employee who is encouraging a negative company culture. Tackle the problem head on with a conversation to find solutions, offer support or implement role changes to help them get more from their career.

Value Respect

Having a hierarchy within your recruitment agency is fine, but what’s potentially more important is that people at all levels feel respected. Ensure it’s a quality that is valued in your agency by giving everyone space to express their thoughts and appreciating the viewpoints and inputs from people no matter their business role.

Be the Company Culture

If you’re looking to create a company culture that is positive and productive, then don’t underestimate how much that comes from you. You need to embody the company culture and show people how you expect them to operate in your recruitment agency.

Simply telling people “we work in a positive and productive company now!” will not work. If you try to force it you’ll probably find that you create the opposite environment. It won’t be something you can implement in a few days. It’s a change that will happen over a period of time if you continue to invest in yourself and each individual. Listen and learn each and every day and you’ll soon find that you’re working within a positive and productive company!

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