Do You Know What To Expect From Recruitment Trends In 2018?

02 Jan 2018

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Do You Know What To Expect From Recruitment Trends In 2018?

It’s that time of year again, we’re nearing the end of 2017, time to review the past year and get ready to welcome 2018, preparing for what it might bring.  In our case, we’re making sure we know what changes 2018 might be bringing to recruitment, job trends and HR trends so that we can keep you informed and prepared!

It’s been an uncertain year with changes in Uk jobs trends due to Brexit, still making waves in the world of recruitment.  We’ve seen a rise in AI within digital, the changes brought forward by the digital skills gap, your candidate experience and so much more, but what about the year ahead, where should you be concentrating and making those changes?

Career Change

We’ll dive right in with a positive here, Manning Global recently reported that ‘1 in 4 British workers are considering a career change in 2018’, which is great news for your recruitment business. With ‘one in three’ brits unhappy with their current jobs due to a career peak, the recruitment sector way very well see a boom in 40 somethings looking for career change.


Candidates are looking for job opportunities through Google, facebook and twitter to name a few; job adverts are everywhere and viewed by so many that one job opportunity can easily have at least a couple of hundred applications.  Both candidates and employers now have to contend with much more competition, so the content of those applications or adverts is key in standing out and making the cut!

AI and digital

The growth of AI and digital in recruitment is something we’re seeing already and are set to see more of as we enter 2018.  As a growing startup, you might like to look at how you can use this to your best advantage and make it work for the needs of your recruitment startup.  AI can assist in your candidate selection, helping solve any unconscious bias that may reside in your hiring process as well as allowing your hiring process to become more streamlined and your staff therefore more efficient. Definitely one to look in to.

The Rise of the Gig Workers

Heard of the ‘gig economy’?  The gig economy is the rise of individuals working only and being paid only for the ‘gig’ they work, this has evolved with the rise of workers such as deliveroo drivers for example. Around five million people in the UK are gig workers. This kind of employment offers the flexibility increasingly desired by many and willingness to work with and offer gig workers security and timely payment could offer added desirability to your recruitment startup.

Individual Development

Support your employees from day one with opportunities for further development and learning opportunities.  This will keep your workforce, motivated, current, up to date with trends and also improve your working relationship with them.  Investing in this is important.

Don’t forget your current employees, if this is a new initiative that you introduce, do not limit this to your new recruits. Make this really work for your organisation and improve the working environment and working relationships with all staff.

Support Remote Working

Similar to gig working, there is a huge demand for more flexible working.  With more and more workers having more than one type of employment, the need for flexibility is growing.

Showing support for workers having the chance to work remotely or work more flexible hours is something candidates will value.

The New Year is the time for a fresh look at the way we do things, where and how will you be making your New Year changes for 2018? They don’t have to be huge, but even the little changes can make a difference to your recruitment startup.

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