Future of Jobs – Let’s ask ourselves the right questions!

27 Jul 2017


We’ve been doing a fair bit of future gazing since we launched our Future of jobs commission in June. Here is an update on where we are at and the key themes that are starting to emerge.

What’s the backstory?

The Future of jobs commission is a REC-led coalition of leading employers, academics, think-tanks, recruiters and labour market experts, chaired by MP for Tatton and former employment minister Esther McVey.

The aim is to build a clear vision for the UK labour market. The commission’s work will inform public policy and provide a practical focus on what the brave new world of jobs means for skills and hiring strategies.

What should a future jobs market look like?

Rather than simply predict what might happen, the steer from the commission has been to think big and build a vision to aspire to. Key questions include –

What kind of jobs market do we want to see emerge post-Brexit? Can the jobs market fully meets the needs of employers whilst simultaneously meeting the needs and aspirations of individual workers (and vice versa)? How should technology play a part in the evolving world of work?

We want to hear our member’s thoughts on these ideas to help steer the conversation – drop us a line at: neal.suchak@rec.uk.com

How can employers and individuals prepare?

TREC17 was a great opportunity to take stock of how leading businesses are already planning for the future. Analysing workplace demographics, flexible hiring, managing a multi-general workforce and making change happen on the inclusion front were just some of the priority areas.

At the same time, it’s more important than ever to prepare the next generation for the future of work. This reinforces the mantra we have been taking forward since our Youth employment taskforce back in 2010: let’s build a world-class careers network in our schools and colleges.

The commission’s work will provide some fresh thinking to help make this happen.

What place will the recruitment industry occupy within a future jobs market?

Will technology drive ‘dis-intermediation’ or will recruiters provide an increasingly important outlet for clients and candidates looking to make sense of an evolving jobs landscape? A core aim of the Future of jobs commission is to take stock of how seismic changes to the way we live, work and do business will impact on the work and role of recruitment professionals.

What’s next?

In launching the commission, Esther McVey made the point that “there has never been a more important time to take stock of what the future employment landscape will mean for individuals, employers and policy makers”. The final report will be published in October and we will continue to provide regular updates and seek member input as we build our vision for a future UK jobs market and our industry’s place within it.

What are your views on some the discussion points flagged above? What other future-facing issues would you like to put forward? Let us know your thoughts at neal.suchak@rec.uk.com

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