How Can Starting A Recruitment Agency With No Experience Work For You?

02 Jan 2019

New Start Business

Is starting a recruitment agency your dream?  Having worked in the recruitment industry for some time, this may be your natural progression. However, what about if you have little to no experience, can you still make starting a recruitment agency with no experience work for you?  Well, we would argue that ultimately yes you can; however, it will of course not be quite so straightforward as if you had a wealth of experience to guide you. We’re looking at the ways you can make starting a recruitment agency with no experience work for you.

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Begin by analysing your skillset and evaluating what you have to bring to the startup and which skills you may lack.  By identifying and accepting which skills you do not possess yourself, you’ll be better placed to equip yourself and your recruitment startup with everything that it needs to succeed from the beginning.  Draw on the skills you have, which may be business development or people management, if not recruitment. A strong core team is at the heart of any business, startup or not, and if you can build this core team to include a variety of skills which complement yours and account for the experience you don’t have, then you’re halfway there.

What else, aside from experience, can you put into your startup recruitment agency to give it a healthy and promising start?


Anyone who wants to start a business, it almost goes without saying, will have passion for making their business succeed. However, with no experience in the recruitment industry, you may lack the natural passion for the recruitment side of things which may be identified by customers as you grow.  Make up for a potential lack of natural enthusiasm for recruitment with your love of your business and the passion of your employees or partner who is inherently passionate about recruitment.

Do Your Research

With no experience and therefore limited knowledge around the recruitment industry, research needs to be at the forefront of your startup strategy. You’ll need to learn the industry, the trade and be open to learning and being taught.  There will also be a significant element of learning as you go and grow.

With little knowledge of the inner workings, you’ll find that some things which may be more common place to others, like the back office solutions and operations of a recruitment company, might not be as familiar to you. Outsourcing this to a company such as New Millennia who can manage all of your back office operations could be one way to take this load off your shoulders.

Hard Work

You can also expect much hard work, by beginning a startup in an industry you’re not overly familiar with you’re putting yourself on a back foot, but you’re not in a race, and there’s no reason that this should stop you from finding success.  An entrepreneur’s drive to work tirelessly for success is usually the one thing that you can count on to be in plentiful supply, so any entrepreneur embarking on a startup won’t likely have to dig that deep to unearth the hard work they need.


You’ll benefit from outsourcing some of your internal responsibilities to professionals who can take them off your shoulders; this might be your marketing, or it might be your back office organisation.  As back office solution specialists, and have worked with startups for years to assist with funding and ensuring the smooth processing of invoices and payroll from a digitalised and centralised platform.

Can you make starting a recruitment agency with no experience work for you? With a little passion, plenty of research, hard work and enlisting the help of the right people, there’s no reason why you can’t make your recruitment agency work!

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