How Our Alternative To Recruitment Factoring Can Help Recruitment Businesses Scale

28 Mar 2024

Recruitment Industry

Recruitment agencies, constantly connecting talented individuals with work opportunities, have the potential for rapid growth. But fuelling that growth requires a steady cash flow. For this reason, many turn to recruitment factoring, a popular financing solution with a market size estimated at a whopping £3 billion in the UK alone.


While factoring can provide a quick cash injection, it’s not without its drawbacks. At New Millennia, we believe there’s a better way. This blog will break down what factoring is and why it’s so widely used. We’ll then highlight the potential downsides of this approach and explain how our risk-free solution provides a preferable alternative.


What is recruitment factoring and why do businesses use it?


Running a successful recruitment agency requires a constant flow of cash because, once you’ve placed a candidate, payment from the client can take weeks or even months to arrive. This cash flow gap can significantly hinder your ability to operate effectively so recruitment factoring is designed to bridge this gap.


How does it work? You sell your unpaid invoices to a factoring company at a discount. In return, they advance you a significant portion (typically 70-90%) of the invoice value upfront.  Once the client pays, the factoring company keeps their fee and sends you the remaining balance.


What are the drawbacks of factoring?


For many recruitment businesses, factoring’s appeal is clear: immediate cash flow to cover everything from payroll to growth initiatives. However, it’s not without its drawbacks; here’s a breakdown of some potential downsides to consider when exploring recruitment factoring:


  • Personal Guarantee: Be aware that you might be held personally liable for a set amount on the factoring agreement if your company can’t repay the advance. This can put your personal assets at risk.


  • Debenture Risk: In some cases, a debenture can be placed on your business assets. This means the factoring company has a legal claim on your company’s property and could seize it to cover any outstanding debts.


  • Fluctuating Advance Rates: Don’t expect a guaranteed percentage upfront on your invoices. The factoring company may adjust the amount they’re willing to advance based on your client portfolio.


  • Minimum Fees: You might be obligated to pay a minimum monthly fee regardless of how much business you transact through the factoring service. This can add up if your cash flow is inconsistent.


  • Setup Costs: Be prepared for potential setup fees associated with setting up a factoring account.


  • Debt Insurance Costs: To protect themselves from unpaid invoices, factoring companies might require you to get credit insurance. This adds an extra cost, and you might still be responsible for a portion of unpaid invoices.


Our risk-free alternative to recruitment factoring


Our alternative recruitment financing model is designed to free you from the worry of cash flow – without any financial risk or hidden costs. You won’t encounter personal guarantees, debentures, setup fees, minimum fees, or fluctuating advance rates based on your client list. Our approach is simple and transparent: a single, fixed cost giving you complete peace of mind about your finances.


As long as you’re operating within your agreed credit limit, have the necessary paperwork signed, and provide a signed timesheet, you’ll receive your risk-free payment – allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence. 


We’ll provide you with immediate access to the money that you have tied up in unpaid invoices, helping you to maintain the ever-important steady cash flow, which is essential for growth. We’ll help you access outstanding invoice payments quickly, so you can maintain a smooth cash flow and focus on scaling your business.


How Can Our Recruitment Financing Model Help You Scale?


Reduced financial risk and uncertainty

Traditional financing methods like factoring often come with personal guarantees, debentures, and fluctuating drawdown percentages. These can tie up your personal finances, limit access to capital at crucial moments, and make financial planning a challenge. Our alternative approach eliminates these burdens entirely. Without this, you can focus all your resources on scaling your recruitment business. Plus, our promise of a single fixed cost, allows your business to plan and budget for growth more effectively. 


More agility, saving you money

Unlike traditional financing models, our service focuses on providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness for your growing business. We eliminate upfront financial burdens with no setup costs. This means you can access our services without any initial investment, allowing you to focus your resources on core operations instead.

Additionally, our pay-as-you-go model ensures you only pay for the services you actually use, which is particularly beneficial for startups and businesses with fluctuating staffing levels. There are no minimum fees, so you can scale your needs up or down as required. 



Our recruitment financing service prioritises a level of transparency not found with other factoring models. You, your clients, and your temporary staff will benefit from the clarity needed to plan for growth, manage risks, and make informed decisions. 

Transparency is crucial to help companies scale. Open communication with your finance provider ensures you have a clear understanding of all associated costs – allowing your business to accurately forecast.

Imagine a recruitment agency experiencing rapid growth. They need access to capital to cover payroll costs for new hires and invest in marketing campaigns to attract more clients. With a transparent financing service, they can accurately predict their cash flow needs and determine the most cost-effective financing option. Plus, a clear understanding of all fees ensures they can manage their budget effectively and avoid unexpected financial strains that could disrupt their growth.


Peace of mind

Our risk-free model and guarantee of a fixed cost removes any worry whilst you’re focusing on scaling your business. We minimise your financial worries by ensuring complete transparency in your expenses. You’ll know exactly where you stand, meaning you can make informed decisions about resource allocation and expansion strategies. Our financing alternative is all about removing the fear of unexpected financial surprises, to provide you with peace of mind.


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At New Millennia, we understand the unique challenges recruitment agencies face. By eliminating the common pain points of traditional recruitment factoring, our service offers significant advantages for ambitious recruitment businesses. Our model allows you to plan for growth with confidence. Don’t let financial worries hold you back – contact us today and discover how our risk-free solution can help your business scale.


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