Increasing Revenue from Your Existing Client List

01 Jun 2021

Recruitment Advice

Gaining new clients is the exciting part of starting your own recruitment agency.

However though shiny new clients mean the chance to expand your business, you might also want to look a little closer to home.

Getting more revenue from your existing clients can be a great way for your agency to grow.

Below we’ve explored a few different ways you can increase revenue from your existing client list:

Do Your Research

To be able to gain more business from your existing clients you first need to ensure that you understand their company as completely as possible.

Put in the research to understand their competitors and where new talent could add real value.

Armed with this information you’re able to offer more during your interactions, sharing insights and recommending recruitment solutions in a more informed way.

It shows commitment to your client, making them more likely to choose your services again in the future.

Take a Customer-Centric Approach

Improve the experience your clients have with your agency and you could open yourself up to more business.

Being a customer-centric recruitment agency means putting your clients and their needs at the heart of every decision.

It means offering a consistent approach at each stage of their interactions with your agency, and finding solutions to problems.

Not only will you offer a better level of service, but you’ll also find that you create efficiencies in how you operate.

Offer an Incentive

You never want to cheapen your services by offering seriously discounted rates, however an incentive could help clients contact you before other agencies.

If you have a client that uses you and another recruitment agency, then consider what you could offer to get the role on an exclusive basis.

The obvious incentive would of course be a discount, however consider what else you could provide.

It might be additional services such as guidance on talent retention, or extra support during the interview process that takes your service to the next level.

Seek Introductions

This can be a tricky one, however there is no better sales person for your business than a happy client.

If you want to recruit into more areas within your client’s business, then make them aware of the different sectors you specialise in.

Alternatively if you know they have lots of valuable connections in other businesses, then find a way to raise your profile.

You might choose to interact with them more on LinkedIn so your profile has a greater chance of being seen, or choose to start attending more industry events. 

Asking a trusted client to write a testimonial for your agency, or better yet promote your services directly to their network can be seriously powerful when you’re looking for ways to increase your revenue.

Be Vocal and Available

Do you have those clients that you work with once and never hear from again?

It’s likely that you haven’t done anything wrong, you just might not be keeping yourself and your agency at the front of their mind.

Checking in regularly for some can feel a little desperate, however there are other ways.

Adding your clients to a regular e-newsletter that shares useful information about your industry, helps you stay front of mind and establishes you as a sector expert.

Take a Close Look at Your Services

Look at the services you offer to your clients, is there a way you can include add-ons that could make life for your clients a little bit easier.

It might be as simple as expanding into a new sector. So for example you can recruit their marketing professionals, but also now source individuals for admin roles.

Alternatively you could decide to provide personality profiling or campaign management if they are hiring for a significant number of roles.

Providing these additional services makes you a greater part of your client’s business, and a recruitment partner to rely on for the future.

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