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24 Nov 2016



Jobs transform lives. As the professional body for recruitment, the REC wants to help you raise the profile of your business and the reputation of our industry. REC members can now access a free client and candidate attraction toolkit, which includes social media images, drafted tweets, web banners and more to help you promote the great work you do.

Woodland Consultancy Services uses the toolkit to talk about how they transformed a candidate’s life.

Scottish national Lewis Wilson’s salary went up stratospherically since Woodland began working with him in early 2002, having found him positions matching his requirements over a period of 7 years.

Woodland has more than 30 years of experience in placing quality candidates in their perfect role and transforming their lives. We got in touch with Lewis shortly after he visited our website to explore the new opportunities available to him.

After some bespoke career advice on what direction Lewis’ career should go according to his experience and needs, namely fast career progression, we got him the jobs he deserved. The last salary we negotiated for him was substantially higher than what he was earning initially as a result of a string of promotions.

Lewis says: “The wonderful staff at Woodland looked at my previous experience and catered it towards positions that were the perfect fit for me. One of the roles was in Paris, where I met my wife. I am now living in Paris permanently and I can say working with Woodland was my best career decision to date!”

At Woodland we understood how guiding Lewis towards the right jobs would have a positive impact on his life. We last worked with Lewis in 2009, where he left us to become self-employed, for even further financial gain to him.

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This case study originally appeared on Woodland Consultancy Services’ website.

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