Social Content Ideas for Your Recruitment Agency

19 Oct 2021

Recruitment Advice

Social media can be a powerful tool for your recruitment agency.

You may not currently invest much time, seeing it as time-consuming with very little return, but maybe you just need to change your angle?

Below we’ve summarised a few different content ideas you could consider to help engage your followers and promote your agency:

Share Jobs and Opportunities

The most obvious type of content for you to share is the current roles you have available.

Put some time into hashtag research so you can be sure you’re landing in the feed of the right people.

However don’t overdo it when it comes to sharing roles. If that’s all your content is, you’re going to turn off those passive candidates that might otherwise follow you.

Try to ensure each week you offer a mix of posts, using the ideas below, to keep your audience engaged.

Showcase the People Behind Your Business

Take the time to highlight each person that is a part of your business.

Share a little about what they do within your agency, their skills and experience, and perhaps a fun fact they want to share with your audience.

Even if it’s just you, people will be interested to learn more about you!

You’re working in a business that is all about the individual, so showcasing your team demonstrates how much you value the ones that make up your business.

Share Relevant Publications

Your audience need to gain something from your posts, whether it’s insight, advice or a freebie!

One great way to give something away as a recruitment agency is by sharing a white paper or e-book.

This could be something like a salary survey that demonstrates your knowledge of the industry, and helps clients benchmark themselves against their competitors.

It’s also a great way to build a data list and market yourself to potential clients and candidates in the future.

Tell Your Story

Everyone loves a success story, so why not think about ways you can tell yours through your social media channels.

Consider sharing images that capture how your agency came to be, then up to date pictures to show where you are now.

Use it as an opportunity to talk about the values that drive your business to help clients and candidates understand what you’re all about.

You might even inspire someone else to start their own recruitment agency!

Promote Event Attendance

If you’re attending an event, then share posts using the relevant event hashtags to highlight that you’re there.

You might be surprised by who spots your post and decides to connect with you.

Not only does it give you another thing to post about but it also tells your network that you’re immersed in your field.

Organising your own event? Social media can be powerful for promoting events. Paid ads on your channels can get your posts in the feeds of relevant people.

Positive Thoughts and Quotes

Social media, particularly LinkedIn, is filled with lots of people telling everyone just how wonderful they are!

Remember that your social media account is really about your audience and what they need.

Positive quotes and inspirational messages might seem a little cheesy, but get the tone right and you might find they resonate with your audience.

Whether it’s an uplifting thought to start the day, or an inspiring affirmation that someone needed to hear, it’s another way to mix up the content in your feed.

Get the Conversation Started

Why not start a conversation around something relevant to your industry?

It’s a chance to showcase your expertise, while encouraging the right people to chat with you outside of the usual business relationship.

Potential clients and candidates might want to have their say, creating an opportunity to connect with them in an authentic way.

Try to steer away from anything too controversial, as you could find yourself alienating your audience!

Use Live Streaming

Live streaming might scare you a little but depending on your industry, you could find you’re one of the few agencies that use the feature.

Prepare a little in advance so you know what you’re going to showcase or discuss, then go for it!

The more natural you sound, the more engaging you’ll be to your audience.

Give people a reason to tune in — discuss something relevant in the industry news, share advice or open up a discussion for the future.

Be the First With Industry News

As soon as industry news is released you need to be the one sharing it to your channels.

This way people will start to follow you as a way to stay up to date with the latest industry news.

Consider creating a graphic each week rounding up the weekly industry news that clients and candidates will come to rely on to stay ahead.

Be sure, where appropriate, to offer your perspective or reflection on the story, to again highlight your industry knowledge and expertise.

Make it Fun!

You of course want to present a professional image online but you can still make your social media channels fun.

Think about the industry you specialise in, what are the things that are specific to your industry that are guaranteed to raise a smile?

If you don’t have the time to create original content you can search for fun memes online that people in your network will hopefully share or tag.

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