Starting an Education Recruitment Agency

15 Jan 2021

Starting Your Own Recruitment Agency

If you’re thinking of setting up a supply teaching agency, then there are a few things that are useful to know.

Here at New Millennia we’ve worked with many education recruitment agency startups over the years.

To help you get started, we’ve shared a few different things for you to consider:

Find a Niche

It’s so important to carve a place for yourself in the market by finding your own niche. If you’ve worked in the education sector, or within a larger education recruitment agency, then chances are you’ve already honed a specialism. 

Many new agencies can feel concerned that by finding a niche they’re leaving work on the table. However having an area that you can demonstrate experience in can really open doors with clients.

Demonstrate Your Experience

As you know, when education providers are looking to partner with a recruitment agency, they’ll want someone who knows their stuff!

Ensure when developing your branding, and deciding on your messaging, that everything is underpinned by your experience and highlights your knowledge of the sector.

Consider Talent Shortages

As an expert in your field, you’ll know where the talent shortages are, so be realistic before you commit to starting your own recruitment agency.

Can you find the professionals you’ll need? How quickly can you build up a bank of candidates?

Keep Costs Low

One piece of advice that we always offer recruitment startups, in any industry, is to keep their costs low. Consider whether you really need that big office or if working from home would be possible for the first few months?

By not committing to large expenses, you’re protecting yourself and giving your business the best possible chance of success.

Research the Competition

Take your time before you do anything, to consider the competition. There are of course the big players in education, but focus as well on the SMEs and independent recruiters who you’ll be competing with.

You’ll of course be interested in the kind of roles they’re hiring for and regions they operate in, but also look at the way they deliver their message to market.

Hone Your Brand

Once you have a good feel of the competition, it’s important that you then find your own place in the market. This means establishing a brand look and voice that will help to make you memorable.

It’s so important to present yourself professionally and ensure you’re speaking in a tone that will resonate within the education community. You know what matters to them, so make sure any marketing material or social media strategy reflects that.

Familiarise Yourself with the Rules and Regulations

There are a number of rules and regulations governing the recruitment industry that you should be aware of before you set up. Take a look at the Employment Agencies Act and Agency Worker Regulations 2010, to name just two, so you understand what your responsibilities are to your clients and candidates.

We’ve summarised the rules and regulations that recruiters need to comply with here.

Consider Funding

If you’re considering supplying temporary staff in to the education sector, you could find yourself with a gap between when the client pays you and when you need to pay your candidate.

Here at New Millennia we’re a finance provider working solely with recruitment agencies, particularly startups. We handle all the back office functions, pay your candidate on time and reclaim the costs from your client.

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