Starting Your Own HR Recruitment Agency

16 Aug 2020

Starting Your Own Recruitment Agency

Human resources is a dynamic industry, that offers exciting opportunities for recruiters. Whether you’re an experienced HR recruitment expert heading out on your own, or a HR professional taking a leap, there are a couple of pieces of advice we can offer.

We have many years of experience working with recruitment start-ups, so if there’s anything you want to discuss don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Make sure that every aspect of your business, whether it be your social media or the way you approach clients, demonstrates your expertise. If you’re considering starting a recruitment agency in this sector, then that’s probably because you have a few years of experience under your belt. Your business will thrive on that experience. Show that you understand the challenges faced by  those trying to source the best human resource professionals and how you can find the solution.

Perm, Temp, Freelance, Interim

In the ever-changing industry of human resources, consider going after roles not just for permanent staff, but also for temporary, freelance and interim professionals. Maybe even choosing to specialise in temporary or interim recruitment could be a plus for your business. It’ll give you a place in the market and an angle to approach businesses.

Keep it Lean

If there’s one piece of advice that we could offer recruitment start-ups, in any industry, it’s keep your operating costs low to begin with. Naturally when you’re starting out, you want to portray a professional image. For some this means renting office space or hiring a number of employees, however we always recommend that start-up recruitment businesses stay lean. It reduces the risk considerably, as well as the weight of responsibility on your shoulders.

Assess the Competition

Take your time before you do anything, to consider the competition. There are of course the big players in the recruitment industry, but focus as well on the SMEs and independent recruiters you’ll be pitted against. You’ll of course be interested in the kind of roles they’re hiring for and regions they operate in, but also looking at the way they deliver their message to market.

Find a Voice

Once you have a good feel for the competition, it’s important that you then find your own place in the market. This means establishing a brand look and voice that will help to make you memorable. It’s so important to present yourself professionally and ensure you’re speaking in a tone that will resonate within the HR community. You know what matters to them, so make sure any marketing material or social media strategy reflects that.

Look for Gaps

There are many HR recruitment agencies out there, some who are more general and others who have key specialisms. Though going after any HR role you can get your hands on might seem like the safest bet, consider the many advantages of choosing an industry specialism. It can really help you get a foot in the door with clients. For example, you might decide to concentrate on entry level and graduate positions, or use your expertise to only focus on executive recruitment.

Get Your Funding in Place

One of the hardest parts of setting up a HR recruitment agency, is the fact that after you’ve placed a candidate, you’ll likely have a considerable gap before you’re paid by your client. This can be challenging if you’re used to working in a larger agency and therefore being paid in a timely fashion. You can access funding to help. Here at New Millennia we offer 100% recruitment financing, to plug the gap between placement and payment, click here to find out more.

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