The Scale Up Workbook – Lesson 7: Innovation

18 May 2016


Jobs transform lives. By being in the business of finding people a job, you are already a big part of that transformative process. The work you do is essential and you should be proud to scale-up a company that does such transformative work. However, your transformative power does not have to end there. When scaling-up in recruitment, it is important to recognise that you do not only have to stick to recruitment. When growing a recruitment business, you always have the potential to do ‘something more’ and innovate your service offerings.

If you already operate in the public sector – particularly in education or healthcare, where you place people into jobs on a daily basis that help others – you should be proud to scale-up a company that does such transformative work. You should use this knowledge to spur on your business growth. Making a real difference to people’s lives at so many different levels is an amazing platform for growth.

If your area of recruitment is not directly related to improving public services, however, you can still add extra value to your company’s mission. As The Scale Up Workbook reveals, one sure-fire way to enhance your company’s reputation is to give something back to the community. This could involve partnering with schools and colleges to offer CV workshops, or working with sector experts to boost the skills and development of candidates in your local area or market(s). Strategic moves like these will not only help to boost your company’s brand, but will also help to build future talent pools for your business as it grows.

Regardless of your market(s), as a growing recruitment company, you have a real chance to enhance the reputation of the wider recruitment industry by demonstrating good practice and business ethics. Investing in compliance and auditing can greatly enhance your own brand profile, as well as guarantee you continued business for the future. It is essential to strive to offer exceptional service at all times and you should give everyone the ‘gold treatment’, whether they be cleaners or CEOs. In recruitment, everyone you meet has the potential to generate more business for you, so you should always aim for a high level of service if you’re serious about scaling-up.

To ensure you develop your brand as fully as possible we recommend you:1. Do something more than ‘just’ recruitment.2. Remember the transformative power of your work.3. Work to improve the standards of the wider UK recruitment industry.4. Always be on the lookout for how you can ‘do things better’.5. Continually strengthen your brand and your service offerings.

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