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Funding And Back Office Solutions For Recruitment Agencies Based In Manchester

At New Millennia, we specialise in providing comprehensive funding and back office services specifically tailored for recruitment agencies. Based in Manchester city centre, we are perfectly located to help your Manchester based recruitment agency and with our expertise of over 20 years and personalised offering, we are here to alleviate the administrative burdens and financial restrictions that are often faced by recruitment agencies in the dynamic industry.

We understand both the unique challenges and opportunities that come with operating a recruitment agency in Manchester and we have services that are designed to support agencies of all sizes. So, whether you are a start-up agency looking to establish yourself, or you are an already established firm in Manchester looking to streamline your operations, we have an offering that will suit you.

Our Manchester-Based Recruitment Offerings

Back Office

Our recruitment back office solutions at New Millennia are designed to handle all of the administrative tasks that are essential for your recruitment agency, therefore allowing you to focus on what matters most – building relationships and placing candidates. From payroll and invoicing to legal disputes, we provide a range of back office tasks, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in everything that we offer.

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Recruitment Factoring

At New Millennia, we provide an alternative to recruitment factoring that ensures you have no risk, we dedicate ourselves to being your genuine business partner to allow you access to immediate cash flow.

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Navigating accounting and tax regulations can be difficult, but at New Millennia we can provide you with a cost-effective accountancy package to cover everything your recruitment agency needs. Whether you are looking for an essential or bespoke package, we can provide you with everything you should need to improve the financial status of your recruitment agency whilst ensuring compliance.

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Recruitment Finance

Finance is essential for any recruitment agency, particularly for growth, and at New Millennia we provide 100% recruitment finance to meet the needs of your business. We offer no late payment charges, no minimum fees and no drawdown percentages.

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Meet Our Team Of Manchester-Based Experts

Behind all of our services, we have a team of experts, all based in Manchester City. Our team brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, ensuring you receive the very best level of service and support in every service we provide.

Paul O'Rourke


Nik Hynes


Kinga Okowinska

Payroll Senior

Patryk Cichecki

Payroll Manager


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