2018 Recruitment Trends And Updates

30 May 2018

Recruitment Industry News

We’re approaching the halfway mark of 2018, spring is in full swing, and spring is the time that we’re encouraged to take stock, check in and refresh – a spring clean if you like, in fact, it’s almost summer, so you better read quickly!

We’ve taken this opportunity to check in with what we predicted all the way back in January, have the trends we were watching developed and played out as anticipated or taken a surprising turn?


We have immediate access to almost everything we could want; we have instant dating, instant food delivery, instant taxis, Amazon have brought us Amazon Prime and same day delivery. We’re accustomed to having easy access to almost everything, so the question is, ‘what can recruitment offer to bring the instant access era to this industry too?’. Apps and technology need to be utilised to give optimum convenience to job seekers and candidates, a recruitment trend you’ll want to be aware of.


Focus has been thrown on to workplaces offering diversity and equality; building workplaces filled with diversely skilled individuals, and the onus is on recruitment professionals to be able to source and offer up this talent. Can you position yourselves as experts in sourcing diverse talent, as this may become an emerging recruitment trend? A diverse team makes for a diverse offering, a well-rounded team that can approach problem-solving from unique angles and produce creative and innovative solutions and suggestions.

Gender Pay Gap reporting, not to be confused with equal pay, has also brought into focus the equality standards that need to recognised by recruiters and employers. This is a strong tool to encourage equal pay and the opportunity and prompt that many employers needed to make their move towards closing the pay gap.


The economy holds a strong correlation with the success of the recruitment industry, and currently, confidence in the recruitment industry appears to be going from strength to strength. Employers are more willing and optimistic when broached with the question of hiring additional staff as a result of feeling more positive about the economy of the UK as a whole. Although Recruitment Buzz reported that 30% of employers felt more confident about the UK economy, they also stated that an increased number of employers, 41%, are hiring more temporary workers to tide them over this period of uncertainty.

Delving into industry specifics, finance sector professionals are securing more permanent positions over the past year, while marketing professionals are overall securing less.


The data game has changed, the GDPR came into action on the 25th of May so the use of data and the rules surrounding it have changed; however data is and will remain a definite trend to watch and keep up with, in recruitment. The way in which information is stored and managed has new standards due to GDPR which will affect the way that positions are marketed to job seekers. The data does, however, allow the recruiter to better match positions and prospects with the best candidates available and it also a allows for analysis, so getting this stored and analysed effectively and regularly will allow for constant improvement.


This one is a non-mover, the gig economy is still pegged as a growing trend for the recruitment industry, and recruiters should be prepared to place more contractors or gig workers. Individuals are looking for more flexible work which allows them multiple career paths and a much lower level of commitment and employers are looking for contract workers, to whom work can be outsourced without the responsibility and cost of taking on a new employee.

What else might employers need to watch out for? Legalities and technicalities, there has been a rise in lawsuits for the likes of Deliveroo, as gig workers have fewer rights to unfair dismissal etc., so make sure you have a clear set of terms and conditions or short-term contracts at the ready.


Concentrating on branding for new talent is just as important as your external marketing. Workers are looking for employers with a healthy and attractive company culture, so taking a customer-focused approach to recruitment is the way forward in 2018! Displaying this company culture to potential recruits is going to be something recruiters will want to focus on when sourcing talent.

A few unsurprising non-movers in this, almost, half-year update, and a few new points to watch out for. Getting your data regulations in shape is vital as due to the GDPR and shifting focus to the recruit as a customer and putting more into candidate experience will serve you well going forward.

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