Company Culture And Building Reputations For Recruitment Agencies

01 Nov 2018

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While companies compete to become desirable ones to work for, standards continue to rise; brand values, social conscience, staff perks, office culture, working opportunities, these are all things which are now considered before taking a job with or working with a company. Businesses ask themselves ‘do we want to be associated and linked to this company?’ and if the answer is no, you’re falling at the first hurdle and losing custom.

Businesses in 2018 need to be projecting and creating an incredibly strong company culture to compete. Choosing what kind of company you want to become, who you want to do business with yourself and who you want to attract to fit the brand image all comes under that umbrella.

The company culture that your recruitment agency creates is how your clients and customers see you; their experiences with you as a company, the service they have received and the communications they have shared with you.

Ultimately it comes down to creating a positive, competitive reputation, but the reputation starts with the company culture. So, how can you be ensuring that your startup recruitment agency is projecting and creating a healthy and appealing company culture?

Service To Staff

This is the most relevant point of company culture, culture is ‘the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society’, so the culture really is created within the company’s people and radiates out from here.

To become a top noted company for a thriving culture, your people need to be well looked after. Staff need to be well treated, comfortable to speak up, able to communicate horizontally and vertically within the company without issue. All manner of human rights regulations should be met and extra measures beyond them, this all begins with high-quality moral leadership skills.

Service To Clients

Putting your clients’ needs at the forefront of the services you offer. The way in which you communicate with them, attentively, cooperatively and consistently, is going to put you at the front of the queue when your clients are recommending or returning.

Service To Candidates

This goes hand in hand with point two. Your candidates, temps and workers order valium online are another kind of customer, you’d like them to return should they be job hunting again and you want them to speak highly of your company, to add to that positive reputation you’re building.

Social Good

What does your recruitment agency do for the social good? If the answer is currently nothing, then take this as your nudge to find a cause. As the workforce and the business landscape accepts more and more millennials, Gen Zs and young startups into its fold, the demand and desirability for companies who care is rising. Young startups are likely to prefer doing business with a recruitment agency who shows themselves to have a conscience; this might be anything from helping the environment, aiding the homeless, promoting positive mental health throughout their brand or strong benefits and care provided for their employees.

External Offerings

Offering something a little extra to both internally and externally also develops your company culture and reputation. Internally, you could offer constant and varied learning opportunities for your workforce, externally, learning opportunities can be given as follows:
Blogs: This is the easiest extra offering that most recruitment companies are already trying to offer for SEO purposes, but if you can provide a blog with lots of valuable, juicy information ready for your readers, professionals and job seekers alike, it will help you to raise your status as a knowledgeable and trustworthy agency.

If you can offer extra learning opportunities on top of this, whitepapers, short courses or PDF’s and downloads, then this too will boost that reputation for trustworthiness.
Events: Depending on your size and place in the industry, this could even stretch to events. If you can become either involved in or the organiser of events, this is most definitely going to raise your profile as a crucial player in the industry too.

Every aspect of the above mentioned are factors in building a positive, attractive reputation by strengthening your overall company culture, attacking from all angles to improve any point of weakness.

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