How to Grow Your Temporary Staffing Agency

27 Nov 2020

Running A Temp Agency

Some people might think 2020 is a strange year to consider trying to grow your business, but if you’ve spotted an opportunity, then go for it!

To help you along the way we’ve put together a few little tips and different ways you could think about expanding:

Build on existing relationships

Your current clients are one of the best opportunities you have for growing your temporary recruitment agency. Ensure you’re offering the best level of service possible, then start enquiring about other ways you can support them and different departments you could be introduced to.

Diversify your offer

Expanding in to different areas opens up new markets for your business, helping it to grow. If you focus on temporary positions, could you expand in to permanent roles? If you specialise in HR could expanding in to a new sector you have experience in, such as marketing, be a way to take your agency to the next level.

Be the expert

Use the power of social media to establish yourself as the expert in your industry. Share relevant content and opinion pieces on LinkedIn, and other relevant channels, to build your own profile and that of your agency.

Consider hosting an event

Right now it’s tricky to grow through attending networking events, so why not consider hosting your own event? This could be a webinar where you share advice and guidance, allowing you to gather valuable connections and further build your profile across your industry.

Review your process

Look at how you manage the process of making a fee from start to finish. Is it a consistent process? Will all clients be onboarded and follow the same steps before, during and after you make a placement? Think about how you can improve your process to optimise your time and deliver the best possible level of service.

Grow your team

Is it time to add a new member to your team? Choosing someone who also specialises in your niche strengthens your brand, or you may decide to work with a recruiter who can open up a new sector. Alternatively you may find an assistant is what you really need to free up your time!

Reviews and referrals

Asking your clients to leave reviews for your business is a great way to promote your brand. Asking for referrals can be a little trickier, however if you create content they want to share on LinkedIn for example, this can help push your brand out to their wider network.

Build an email list

Investing in your marketing is so important if you’re serious about growing your agency. One great way to do this is by building an email list of people happy to receive your content. Think about content that could help you attract new clients, such as e-books, white papers or the latest industry news.

Develop your website

If you’ve always relied on recommendation and direct marketing then you might not have put much time in to your website. Developing your online brand can be a great way to grow your business, so think about maintaining a regular blog or look at improving the user experience.

Invest in technology

Whether it’s a new tool to add automation to the recruitment process, or a more effective software for managing your workflow, it can be worth investing in technology. Spend time looking around as there are lots of different recruitment tools out there.

Outsource your back office functions

If your time keeps getting tied up with admin, then remove that workload so you can concentrate on growing your business. Outsourcing your back office functions can save you time and money, get in touch with our team to discuss a bespoke solution.

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