Inject A Little Of Southgate’s Team Magic Into Your Recruitment Agency

17 Jul 2018

Running A Temp Agency

‘Play the role of the 2018 England football team in your recruitment agency.‘

What do we mean? Well there’s no denying it, England brought passion back to the country, they lifted us up, and we them; although success was not to be for this year, having reached the farthest point in the World Cup for the first time in 28 years, they certainly gave us something!

The team that Southgate selected, built and nurtured had a positivity, a confidence (without being boastful) and a comradery that swept the nation along with it; together we cheered and experienced the wins and the losses, the near misses and the ultimate defeat.

We were not part of that success we were not there on the pitch and we did not score the goals, however as the England football team lead England as a country, we all believed in the end goal – that we would, in fact, ‘bring it home!’.

The take away we believe for any recruitment agency, or any business out there is to build your team and your agency mentality so that the whole group may benefit from the success of one another.

Company culture is hugely influential in the successes of any organisation and a weak or negative one can actually slow or hinder financial growth.

Success in the workplace should be celebrated. We have spoken before of how giving praise, in various forms, can boost the workplace morale and encourage more of the same; this is no revelation, but it is not always done. However, rather than bringing success and praise, drive and pride for one individual only and encouraging the other to ‘be more like them’, this success should be shared and should sweep the whole recruitment agency along with it, as England did this summer.

Southgate’s team were given freedom and flexibility to grow and settle into their own skills, giving them confidence in not only their own but others’ abilities. When this happens in a team, the members become less assuming, less judging, less anxious in regards to each other’s abilities and potential failings which could bring the team down. In turn the broader group, in this scenario, the rest of England, also have that confidence in the competence of the whole team to succeed, it lifts us and gives us drive.

Each member has their own role within and when they are focusing in on this and not worrying about how much they are benefiting the recruitment agency, their role will be completed more effectively. When the company or team experiences success, allow them to join and relish in it equally, concentrate on building a team who can cheer one another on and feel that that achievement was not only for a specific department or one individual but that they are all on the way to the next step or the next big account.

The next time you successfully place workers into a tricky position, secure new accounts or reach a target, try celebrating yourself and sharing this joy and gratitude with all corners of the office.

For example, perhaps marketing or finance were nothing to do, directly, with the achievement; however they should still feel that the whole office’s effort has contributed to reaching that target, that this is everyone’s achievement, not just sales.

This is what England and Gareth Southgate did for their home nation, they did their work, they focused on their goals and when they found success, found that they were able to climb the ladders they were trying to climb, the whole nation felt the drive and achievement with them, it was a group victory, well… almost!

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