What Are Temp Workers Looking For From Your Recruitment Agency?

01 Mar 2018

Running A Temp Agency

Your agency workers are gold to you, they are what you need to satisfy your clients so logically you need a healthy pool of workers to fill any number of positions at any one time. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then, that you should be taking good care of them. What are temp workers looking for from your recruitment agency? Recruitment agencies are not a rarity, so keep yourself a head and shoulders above the rest and offer the best recruitment agency and service to your temps and workers.

Largely this is concerned with building lasting relationships with your workers, these relationships will find them buy generic diazepam the jobs that they desire, encourage them to return to you job after job and allow you to build a pool of workers and agency temps that you trust and know are quality candidates.

Some recruitment agencies do charge for extra services, perhaps consider whether you want to or not; offer these add-ons that could make a small income or give your workers all of the resources they need to become the best candidates possible for the jobs you find them? This approach, whether a paid option or not, offers quality, the quality of your temps and workers is what you are investing in here, in the quality of your relationship with them and their likelihood to return to you and in the quality of worker that you can provide to your client.

These Extra Services Often Offered Include

Help with CV writing: Your agency workers will come to you with varying levels of CV’s. For your clients to be satisfied and impressed with the candidates put forward to them, wouldn’t it make sense for the C.V to shine as bright as the candidate does? Working with individuals to enhance their C.V’s makes them look like a stronger candidate, in turn making you a better quality of recruitment agency.

Feedback for your workers: If a worker has come to the end of a job then hearing both positive and negative feedback from their employment can help when approaching their next.

If they have been unsuccessful in a job interview, then learning why they were unsuccessful could really help them next time.

Interview techniques and career advice: These could be one to one’s or group sessions where advice is discussed and interview techniques divulged. The purpose of this, again, is to build strong and stable relationships with your workers, becoming a body that they can easily trust and will continue to work with.

Opportunities for further training: This does not have to be in house training, but at least offering the facilities to other forms of further training and development.

Negotiate a fair pay, a recruitment agency with a reputation of always securing badly paid jobs for their workers is not one that those workers are going to be eager to come back to time and time again. Rather, negotiating well on behalf of your workers will work towards building a strong relationship with them, encouraging their return to your recruitment agency and more satisfied clients.

As a recruitment agency working directly with companies looking to hire, you have access to those jobs not yet or ever taken to market and publicised that can be offered to the candidates you know would be a great fit. This should be a draw for your workers, especially if your firm works in a fairly niche area of recruitment; jobs that are rarely advertised or rarely open in recruitment are now available to them as they are seeking work through your recruitment agency. Your relationship with the client ensures that you might even know of the position before they announce it and have candidates lined up for these speculative positions.

Offering your workers an attractive package overall can prove beneficial for your recruitment agency, so it all boils down to asking yourself what your temp workers can expect from your recruitment agency.

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