10 Truths Every Recruiter Can Relate To

15 May 2020

Why So Serious!

Working in recruitment can be the best job in the world, especially when you land that dream fee or find the perfect candidate for a tricky brief. However there are a number of truths that just about everyone in the recruitment industry can seem to agree on:

1) Getting to speak to the right person on the phone can be tricky…

Every recruiter can probably relate to that lengthy phone call they’ve had with completely the wrong person or excitedly contacted a new business before bouncing from one phone to another before finally landing on the right person!

2) …and the excuses people have for not taking your call, become increasingly elaborate.

You’ve heard it all, and it’s amazing how many people are out on lunch at 10am in the morning.

3) Competing with the poor reputation of your competitors is a daily struggle.

You always encounter clients who have had their fingers burnt by recruiters before. Typically those that have promised the world and then not delivered. When you’re an industry professional it’s a real struggle and something that day by day you have to actively try and change.

4) You find the perfect candidate and the client loves them…

It’s the best feeling in the world and what really drives you when you work in recruitment. You speak to someone on the phone or meet them in person and just know they’re exactly the person your client is looking for. You suddenly become your client’s best friend as they try to secure them…

5) …but they accept a different job.

It’s the worst feeling and completely inevitable when you work in recruitment. You’d never want anyone to accept a job they’re not happy with, but when you’ve put the work in it’s still really disappointing.

6) You’ve seen just about everything when it comes to CVs.

From spelling mistakes to random fonts to completely untrue claims, you’ve seen it all and nothing surprises you.

7) Everyone thinks being a recruiter is so easy…

“You earn how much per job? I think I could be a recruiter” Yes we’re sure you could when you’re willing to work all the hours for potentially no reward!

8) …or that you’re just rolling in money…

They don’t see the hours that you have to put in, client relationship building, placements that simply don’t turn up etc. etc…

9) But when you get to call a candidate to offer them their dream job…

Making that call is the best feeling, you know it’s their chance to progress and the feeling that you’ve helped them get there, well…

10) …it’s the best job in the world!

Do you have any of your own you want to add? Leave us a comment below.
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