10 Ways to Make Your Recruitment Agency Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

20 Jul 2021

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Most professionals in the recruitment industry would agree that it’s a crowed marketplace.

Statistics show that over 8000 new recruitment agencies are launched each year. So exactly how do you make your mark?

Below we’ve explored a number of different ways you can make your recruitment agency stand out from the crowd:

1) Define Your Brand

When you think about the companies that stand out in their industry it’s normally because they’ve really defined their brand.

They’ve thought clearly about a voice, look and brand values that will resonate with their audience.

Think about the type of audience you’re trying to attract. If you’re recruiting professionals in the marketing industry for example, what tone of voice do you need to use? 

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your approach if you want to grab attention. Just remember to remain authentic and true to your values.

It can be beneficial to speak with a branding specialist, or partner with a branding agency,  who can offer their expertise.

If you want to learn more about creating a brand for your recruitment agency, then we’ve written a blog about it that you can read here.

2) Find a Less Saturated Niche

If you’re considering adding another specialism to your agency, then consider adding a less saturated niche that could help you attract attention.

Don’t pick a niche that you have no experience in.

It’s challenging enough to run a recruitment agency, without trying to specialise in an area that you don’t completely understand.

It might not even be a case of adding a new niche, it could just be about being more targeted within your existing specialism.

3) Invest In Your Marketing

If you really want to make some noise about your recruitment agency then you need to invest in your marketing.

This doesn’t mean throwing a ton of money at every channel you can. Instead it means using your marketing spend where it’s going to be most powerful. 

Think about where you audience is, and that doesn’t necessarily mean LinkedIn!

Standing out from the crowd might mean advertising in unconventional places where you’ll find your audience.

4) Reinvent the Candidate Journey

One way to get people talking about your agency is by offering the best possible experience to the candidate.

Think about how you work currently and consider if you could improve your process from start to finish.

Speak to candidates you’ve worked with in the past to get their insights into what you do well and what could be improved.

Consider additional services you could provide or perhaps creating an app to put the candidate in control and help them stay up to date with their recruitment journey.

5) Become Customer-Centric

Put your client right at the heart of your business and you’re sure to make a name for yourself.

Learn how they want to work and any pain points, then build your process around their needs.

Give them the right tools and information, so working with you becomes completely seamless.

Choosing to invest in back office technology and giving your clients their very own specially designed portal, can be one great way to streamline your processes and stand out from agencies using more traditional methods.

6) Explore Digital Solutions 

As well as back office technology there are also many other online tools that can be valuable to recruitment agencies.

Explore the market and consider what could truly add value to the experience for both clients and candidates.

For example you could invest in a smart CRM system that automatically keeps client and candidate information up to date.

Alternatively you could look at automation and AI tools that will give your agency the professional edge.

7) Be the Expert

Making a platform for yourself as an individual can be another great way to raise the profile of your agency.

Be part of conversations that impact your industry and position yourself as a go-to thought leader across the relevant platforms.

Consider starting your own industry event or group as a chance to connect and let people know more about your agency.

8) Offer Additional Services

Additional services can be a great way to make headway with new clients and remain one step ahead of the competition.

If you have the experience and track record then you could offer onboarding support, helping both the candidate and the client as they navigate their first few weeks together.

Alternatively you might offer to create a landing page or application portal if your client is recruiting for a number of key roles.

9) Start Building a Team

If you’re in a position to start growing your agency by adding other recruiters then this can be a way to start making noise.

Talk about your business growth on the relevant channels and highly publicise any internal positions.

Once you have people in place you then have more voices and more experts to elevate your recruitment agency above the competition.

10) Remain True To Your Values

Most importantly you should stay true to the values that drive your agency.

Understanding why you started your agency in the first place, and exactly what has led to your success, will help you realise that you’re already one step ahead of the competition.

The recruitment marketplace is crowded, there’s no doubt about that, but there is only one agency like yours and only one you!

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