5 Things You Don’t Get When You Work with New Millennia

01 Jun 2021


Here at New Millennia we’re committed to helping new recruitment agencies grow and thrive in a competitive market.

We believe that the recruitment industry in the UK is a vibrant and exciting place, that offers many opportunities to new recruiters.

By offering 100% recruitment funding, we help with cashflow and enable agencies to offer a higher level of service to both clients and candidates.

However there are a number of things you don’t get when you work with New Millennia:

1) You don’t get a bill for setup costs

Some providers will charge you when you first agree to their funding service, before you’ve even started using it!

At New Millennia we don’t think that makes sense, which is why we don’t charge any set up fees.

2) You don’t need to provide your life story

Typically a factoring solution will require you to have a solid financial track record. If you’re a startup recruitment agency this is challenging.

With New Millennia you need just three things:

You must work within your agreed credit limit, get the necessary paperwork signed, have a signed timesheet, and you’re ready to go!

3) You don’t need to find personal guarantees

Choosing another funding solution can mean you’re forced to find personal guarantees who can vouch for your ability to pay.

This can be a big ask for the person you decide to approach.

At New Millennia we don’t ask you to provide a personal guarantee. As long as we have all the necessary paperwork we’re able to put together a legal file in the unlikely event that a client should fail to pay.

4) You don’t get a fixed contract

Who wants a fixed contract? Not many recruitment agencies, particularly ones that are just getting started!

Sometimes you’ll need funding and sometimes you won’t. We don’t require you to sign a fixed contract, just use our service when you need it.

5) You don’t get surprised by unexpected costs 

We’ve built our business on the simplicity of having one fixed cost, so you know exactly where you stand.

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