What are the benefits of starting a business and working for yourself

25 Aug 2017

Starting Your Own Recruitment Agency


A great number of millennials are now working for themselves, it is a trend we have seen growing over the past few years and it is continuing. This start up boom is not limited to this generation but they’re certainly making their mark on the start up scene.

Start ups take money, time and a lot of hard work. As many of us know, being your own boss sounds great on paper but start ups are no mean feat and come with their own trials. Why, then, is this such an attractive option to so many? What is it that is drawing our entrepreneurs to the conclusion – ‘I want to work for myself’?


Many, in all lines of work, not only recruitment, will work as an employee for years and experience being one of the cogs that make the wheel turn. You might experience career changes and growth, perhaps manage your own team, you may even work with flexible hours, however there is nothing like being your own boss when it comes to independence. Starting your own recruitment firm enables you to take control of your own success.

New Millennia can offer 100% funding and non-retention, non-recourse financing – rather different to factoring, which can be a little confusing and time consuming when it comes to your accounts, our route to start-up financing is simple and flexible, leaving you to concentrate on growing your agency.


You may be very experienced in recruitment agency work, however, as with any business, running your own show is a different game altogether. In a recruitment agency your back office needs to be as sleek as possible to run as efficiently as possible. A start-up doesn’t always have the manpower or time that it really needs to run its back office. With timesheets, contracts, invoices and payments to organise and execute well, keeping both your workers, and your clients happy at the same time, there’s plenty here to support those fears that management of your back office could be your downfall.

In addition to this, you can choose your hours to work around your life, from making the school run on time to easily finding time for that doctor’s appointment.

Challenging yourself

Your personality, ability, resilience and skills will be put to the test when working for yourself and taking on a start up business, however what you learn from these challenges will be valuable to you as you grow. Plus challenging yourself may well be something which propels your inner entrepreneurs to success.

Personal Fulfilment

You have the knowledge and experience and with that experience will likely have witnessed first hand the mistakes made by others (or yourself), so now you have the opportunity to utilize your own skill set and to prove that you can create your own, improved, or unique start up – the personal fulfilment and reward from this success is surely worth working hard for!

Choosing your team

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you have your core team planned from day one, the team that you choose to lead your venture through start up to fruition and beyond, is yours. You can choose your people and change and add to them as you see fit.

Building your own company culture

In the same vein, you are able to create a company culture that holds all of the values you choose for your start up. Build the organisation that your staff (your chosen team) will desire, and will work productively as a result of.

If you’re thinking about it or you have begun, you will already be aware that both hard work and dedication are needed when starting your own business. But the gains don’t all come in monetary form, there are so many other benefits of working for yourself, this list is not exhaustive.

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